Coming Soon 

Good news! I am about to get another trip this year. But well, maybe you already knew about this aren’t you?

And I bet you knew too that I switch place to stay this time. Well, I guess I’m too excited and write the same thing again.

Anyhow, Bugis was my first option, but after the second thought, I’m giving my rupiah to 5footway.inn project chinatown 1. It is said that the location very close to the MRT. So I guess it’s a plus point about the hostel. Only the downside is the room is so so small. I rent for three persons in a room for four. Let’s just hope that the one bed is unoccupied.

The thing is I can’t wait for this time to come. Especially this time, I’m gonna take garuda (economi class). Not bad, eh? I hope they oftus food during our flight and not just snacks. I’ve been bragging about this to my mom the whole time. I would be disappointed if we only get bread and cake:(

Isn’t it excites you knowing that you’re going to place you like? Hohoho.. Can’t wait!


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