HK at a Glance

So this is Hong Kong. 
Tujuh bulan nabung, bayar tiket pesawat (nyicil sama si mom), akhirnya hari yang ditunggu datang juga. Here we go!

First impression 
Kesan pertama gw di kota ini adalah, they walk fast, talk fast and eat fast. So, yeah, they are fast. Just look at their airport express. Oke, itu kesan pertama. Kesan keduanya adalah they are rude. I mean, well, i must say that i’m not surprised about this but, man, they need to learn to serve their customer better.

Starting by not throwing dirty dishes and make some loud noise in front of customer for instance. But again, this seem normal situation as no one complain about it. Oh, and another thing that irritates me alot is they tend to immediately clean up our plates soon after we’re finished or move away our plates. As for me, i’d like a few minutes for my food to digest down. Anyway..

Me likey. Yeah, almost all area in hk is covered by mrt or bus or mini bus or ferry. So, yeah, it’s nice to have a control of that.

Hari pertama exploring hong kong dari pagi. Ternyata orang hk suka macaroni yah, sama kayak gw. Dan ternyata lagi, Tadi pagi kebangun, karena gorden masih ketutup jadi gak tau ini dah terang apa masih gelap. Pas liat jam di hape, yaelah masih jam setengah 5 pagi waktu jakarta. Heran, di jakarta jarang banget kebangun jam segitu dan langsung seger. Akhirnya gw tidurin lagi deh. 

Honestly, i didn’t come to shop. In fact, i rarely plan to shop when I’m abroad. To me, experiencing what it feels like being local is the reason why. Of course, in my own comfort zone. A friend of mine told me that she want to visit Japan and try their public shower. No thank you!

Okay, clothes shopping is not my favourite here. I barely visit their department stores. But toy stores on the other hands, well, me likey. My biggest mistake is not remembering the price of the toy i want in jakarta. So i galau whether or not buying it. Tapi akhirnya gw ga jadi beli karena gw pikir di jakarta kayaknya sepertinya seharusnya lebih murah.

To be honest, i didn’t make it in hk. I don’t think i own them like i did in singapore or bangkok. I felt not capable in hk, the city owns me, not vice versa, and i don’t like it.

Buildings look the same, you really need a live gps to find your way, as you can’t use certain store as mark. Because one store can be in several places. Confusing. But i think it’s my first time. I’m sure next visit, i’ll master the street.

Next time ya. Hemm.. hemm.. let me think about it, yea.


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