Saving for Trip(ping)

Okay, this year my bank probably missing my visitation a bit. I don’t save a lot this year and felt a bit guilty because of it. Well, if you want to blame someone, just blame those airline promo. It made me travel a lot. Oh, wait, no one’s blaming anything ya? I guess it’s just my unconscious defending self.

So, yeah, i travel like a lot this year, more than one journey, and i am so grateful for that. I went to Bangkok and Hong Kong already and it’s not even June yet.

Especially this year, i have another upcoming journey and for that i have to saveeeeeee.. like saveeeeee.. a lot. But i love doing it. I know where those money gonna go. Eventhough it’s a bit pain not to be able to enjoying it, but i know it the end, i’m gonna reap what i sow. Hohohoho..

One thing yang seru every time you see those piece of paper money you’re saving switch into foreign currency. Like you know soon you’re going to use it in another country, spend it like a local and shop like a foreigner. Woohoow!


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