Transport from HK Airport

Are you planning to go to HK? If you do, you have couple options how to go from airport to city.

Bus. The bus is nice and comfort, i think. Full air-conditioned and clean, i think. Well, it’s just my assumption because during my visit i don’t get the chance to ride it. Haha.

+ Cheap around 35$.

+ City view. Choose this if you visit HK for the first time.

– Time consuming around 45-60 minutes ride.

– Stairs. This could be an issue if you’re travelling with an elder, like me.

Airport Express (AE). Yes, it’s definitely comfort and clean as well. Basically, AE and MRT are similar, the difference is AE stops only at certain stations and faster. Pricier too.

+ Fast

– No view.

– Expensive around 80-100$/ one way.

Notice that i don’t talk about how to reach them? Yep, it’s because both bus and airport express is easy to get. You can see the sign clearly in the airport. Also, distance is not on the comparing list because in HK, rule no. 1: you always walk.

Conclusion: if you have lots of free time and not in a hurry, just take the bus. But if you’re hungry and want to get into your hotel ASAP, just get in the AE.

Happy travelling!


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