Shenzen in 8 Hours

Shenzen, China.

If you asked me what was the unforgettable moment from our last trip to HK? Yep, the answer is that.

What’s interesting is me and mom were never been in there. I’ve no idea how to get there, taking care of visa and etc. All i know is i’m following the crowd and reading the sign. It was hillarious how our first step to Republic of China. It really not that much fancy compared to HK.

Starting with the aura. You would feel the hurry, anxiety, impatient and competitive once you’re there. I feel like in the middle of my family in Jakarta! Hahaha.. Loud voices, aggresive attitude and slicky. I bought something in 711 and got a change of ugly nearly ripped off paper money. I wanted a new or better one, they insist that it’s still valid. But i insist them back and only got not so much different paper money quality.

Another difference would be the living cost. The transportation is a lot cheaper compared to HK. The closest distance in HK would cost you around 4,5HKD which around IDR 8,000. While in China only 3RMB or around IDR6,000. And the food also cheaper, around 10RMB (IDR 20,000) for street food while in HK, well, i forgot. Haha..

Okay, enough with the comparing mentality. It all started with watching at Youtube about some girl who travels to Shenzen all by herself. And somehow it motivated me to do the same. I’ve read blogs after blogs night before to ensure we didn’t get lost. Not that difficult actually to explore Shenzen manually. All you need to do is read some post andleave the rest to the crowd. Just believe that you’re not alone, that everybody was doing the same like you. And it’s true! Along the way there, I found people who willingly to answer my questions and explain me the process.

One time i was filling some information for leaving the HK immigration then lady next to me was helping me without being asked. She seems know my issue and help me! Well, practically we are doing the same. And after that, let your gut leads you. In this case, everything you read and watch will help a lot once you saw what you’re been watching the whole time. It made you realize that you’re going to the right direction. Hey, yeah, i’ve seen this bridge, yeah, come on, keep going, we’re doing it right.”

And the rest is just the history. It clearly has made my day once i saw i had a new stamp of People’s Republic of China in my passport. Booyeah!

Oh, one more thing. Seeing the border crossing (using a bridge) somehow makes me imagine, how it feels to migrate from HK to China and vice versa. From what i’ve seen, it turns out more HK people “cruising around” to China than vice versa. At night, the line to China is closed while to HK still open because people are still going back to their home. Maybe because things are cheaper in China and HK people has more buying power than China. Again, this is my assumption based on 8 hours exploring time in Shenzen.

Well, let say Shenzen is the closest i’ve ever get to my root country, China.


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