Kesel sama Ke-El

Percaya apa ngga, tapi KL adalah satu-satunya negara yang bikin gw kangen sama Jakarta, my home town. Apa yah, kotanya ga bikin gw nyaman dan betah berlama-lama di negaranya.


Manggil taksi susah banget.

Pertama. Udah mah manggilnya susah ya, sekalinya dia mau berhenti, kagak mau pake argo. Bah. Udah gitu mobilnya bukan dalam keadaan terbaik. Hih susah bener deh.

Kedua. I don’t feel like in a new environment. Gak berasa kayak di luar negeri. Gak ada feel spesialnya sama sekali.

Hmm, oke kayaknya I’m being too judge mental and too fast dropping my verdict sih. Maybe i should pay another visit to prove me wrong (ah-lesan). Well, maybe not in KL but Penang. Haha.. 

So, next visit: Penang.


Saving for Trip(ping)

Okay, this year my bank probably missing my visitation a bit. I don’t save a lot this year and felt a bit guilty because of it. Well, if you want to blame someone, just blame those airline promo. It made me travel a lot. Oh, wait, no one’s blaming anything ya? I guess it’s just my unconscious defending self.

So, yeah, i travel like a lot this year, more than one journey, and i am so grateful for that. I went to Bangkok and Hong Kong already and it’s not even June yet.

Especially this year, i have another upcoming journey and for that i have to saveeeeeee.. like saveeeeee.. a lot. But i love doing it. I know where those money gonna go. Eventhough it’s a bit pain not to be able to enjoying it, but i know it the end, i’m gonna reap what i sow. Hohohoho..

One thing yang seru every time you see those piece of paper money you’re saving switch into foreign currency. Like you know soon you’re going to use it in another country, spend it like a local and shop like a foreigner. Woohoow!

Why (Mom and) I Like Singapore

At least once a year mom and I would go to Singapore. A friend of mine told me that i should be careful on telling people that I’m going there again, as they might think that something’s  wrong with my health. Cause our reason is not common: to eat.

I mean, who goes to Singapore to eat?! Well, but that’s the truth.

Well, okay, I’m not telling the whole truth here. See, my mom used to spend three years during my high school. She worked there and i think at some level she experienced life here, I don’t know, I’m just assuming.

But, as for me, well, pretty much the same. 😀

I’ve spent three weeks during my school holiday on high school. And ever since I’ve always wanted to go back, and deep down i wanted to work there. But, since I’m lack of persistent and money (you need to have some fund to get a PR), now I’m just enjoying saving and spending my money just to step on those fancy iconic carpet in Changi.

Also, also, i like the fact that i rule the city, oops, country, i mean. I don’t feel dreaded or intimidated. The transportation system is amazingly clear, the safety, and so on. But i think all the reasons are vary on each people. Well, what’s the fun of people sharing same interest, right?

But to me, I’m gonna keep rooting for the merlion city, err, country. Let’s see what food i’m gonna dig into this time. Last time I was there, I couldn’t stop eating fish noodle soup. So, we’ll see in a few months! :p

HK at a Glance

So this is Hong Kong. 
Tujuh bulan nabung, bayar tiket pesawat (nyicil sama si mom), akhirnya hari yang ditunggu datang juga. Here we go!

First impression 
Kesan pertama gw di kota ini adalah, they walk fast, talk fast and eat fast. So, yeah, they are fast. Just look at their airport express. Oke, itu kesan pertama. Kesan keduanya adalah they are rude. I mean, well, i must say that i’m not surprised about this but, man, they need to learn to serve their customer better.

Starting by not throwing dirty dishes and make some loud noise in front of customer for instance. But again, this seem normal situation as no one complain about it. Oh, and another thing that irritates me alot is they tend to immediately clean up our plates soon after we’re finished or move away our plates. As for me, i’d like a few minutes for my food to digest down. Anyway..

Me likey. Yeah, almost all area in hk is covered by mrt or bus or mini bus or ferry. So, yeah, it’s nice to have a control of that.

Hari pertama exploring hong kong dari pagi. Ternyata orang hk suka macaroni yah, sama kayak gw. Dan ternyata lagi, Tadi pagi kebangun, karena gorden masih ketutup jadi gak tau ini dah terang apa masih gelap. Pas liat jam di hape, yaelah masih jam setengah 5 pagi waktu jakarta. Heran, di jakarta jarang banget kebangun jam segitu dan langsung seger. Akhirnya gw tidurin lagi deh. 

Honestly, i didn’t come to shop. In fact, i rarely plan to shop when I’m abroad. To me, experiencing what it feels like being local is the reason why. Of course, in my own comfort zone. A friend of mine told me that she want to visit Japan and try their public shower. No thank you!

Okay, clothes shopping is not my favourite here. I barely visit their department stores. But toy stores on the other hands, well, me likey. My biggest mistake is not remembering the price of the toy i want in jakarta. So i galau whether or not buying it. Tapi akhirnya gw ga jadi beli karena gw pikir di jakarta kayaknya sepertinya seharusnya lebih murah.

To be honest, i didn’t make it in hk. I don’t think i own them like i did in singapore or bangkok. I felt not capable in hk, the city owns me, not vice versa, and i don’t like it.

Buildings look the same, you really need a live gps to find your way, as you can’t use certain store as mark. Because one store can be in several places. Confusing. But i think it’s my first time. I’m sure next visit, i’ll master the street.

Next time ya. Hemm.. hemm.. let me think about it, yea.

Lagi-lagi (14 July 2014)

“Apa, ke singapur lagi?!” Pertanyaan model gitu udah sering gw denger amoe bosen. Bahkan bolak balik ke singapur setahun dua kali aja gak sebosenin denger celotehan itu. Ya biarin dong gw demen ke singapur. Selain emang tempat dan feelnya gw suka. Di situ gw bisa nyobain semua makanan, berpetualang keliling kota seolah-olah bisa gw taklukin hanya dengan bermodalkan kartu EZ Link aja. Pasalnya, emang pemerintah di sana cerdas juga ngatur semuanya jadi buat turis sekalipun akomodasi dan transportasi itu jadi terjangkau dan nyaman. Kapan dan di mana lagi coba bisa seolah-olah kayak menguasai benar negara orang lain selain di singapur? Lo ga perlu visa, ataupun berbagai tetek bengek lain yang lo biasa harus urus kalo mo ke negara-negara lain. Praktisnya adalah, ke singapur itu praktis. Dah kelar. Gitu aja alasannya. Di samping tadi kuliner, akomodasi, dan transportasi yang nyaman. Jadi kapan liburannya? Tar masih lama, pertengahan tahun. Buseth. I always love singapore. Suka kerapiannya, kekecilannya, keintegrasiannya, sampe kemahalannya aja gw suka. Somehow gw jadi tertantang buat making more money biar bisa belanja es potong di sana. Saking excitednya, gw bahkan udah nyiapin itinerary pas di sana mo ngapain aja. Dan percaya apa ngga, by doing that, gw udah seneng loh. Apa jangan-jangan dream job gw itu bikin itinerary ya?IMG_3565.JPG


It has nothing to do with my journey to singapore but just want to say that the location this time is in singapore.

Coming Soon 

Good news! I am about to get another trip this year. But well, maybe you already knew about this aren’t you?

And I bet you knew too that I switch place to stay this time. Well, I guess I’m too excited and write the same thing again.

Anyhow, Bugis was my first option, but after the second thought, I’m giving my rupiah to 5footway.inn project chinatown 1. It is said that the location very close to the MRT. So I guess it’s a plus point about the hostel. Only the downside is the room is so so small. I rent for three persons in a room for four. Let’s just hope that the one bed is unoccupied.

The thing is I can’t wait for this time to come. Especially this time, I’m gonna take garuda (economi class). Not bad, eh? I hope they oftus food during our flight and not just snacks. I’ve been bragging about this to my mom the whole time. I would be disappointed if we only get bread and cake:(

Isn’t it excites you knowing that you’re going to place you like? Hohoho.. Can’t wait!