Biaya Hidup di Jepun

“Jadi, total-total kemaren abis berapa lu di Jepang?”

Belakangan pertanyaan itu sering banget gw denger. It turns out banyak orang yang emang kepengen pergi ke Jepang. So, based on my 6 days journey in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Toyama, i’m giving you the rough calculation to give you a glimpse on how much cost of living in that ninja country.


Well, in this matter, you can really find place to stay based on your budget. The price is ranging as low as 300,000idr and up. Well, to be safe just make it up to 500,000idr/ night. Mine is from Airbnb, which i don’t quite prefer, and it cost me about 400,000 idr to 500,000 idr per night. Oh, and i have to share my room with my other four friends. Ha. As comparison you get the same price in hotel for just sharing it with your +1.

Tips: Stay near Tokyo St, Shibuya St, Shinjuku St, Kanda St, or anywhere near them. Pay attention on which station your hostel actually are, as they might said it’s at Shibuya but actually the nearest station is Shibuya-something-else st, which is another ride to shibuya st..


As i mention earlier, the price is pretty expensive compared to other country like Singapore. But, well, you’re in second most expensive country, what do you expect?! And i thought buying train ticket is not necessary after spending amount of money on JR Pass. Well, i was wrong. Approximately you will spend around 1,500-2,000 yen per day if you hop on places. Ticket per ride is 20,000 idr and if you hop on farther destinations it will jump until 500 yen/ ride. Calculate that!


There’s nothing wrong with this and i can assure you, go on buy food you like, don’t save on this matter. All their food, snacks and everything is delicious! Well, most of them at least. Try their strawberrys. You can always find them in the market. TRY THEM. A stick of three humongous strawberry will cost you around, well, sorry about this, but i do forget. I think it’s about 12,000-ish? It’s not much compare to the taste. Seriously!

A bowl of ramen will cost you around 80,000 idr. And it comes with a glass of ice water and other snacks i guess. I never tried this, just passed the restaurant and saw the menu. Package of Yoshinoya rice beef bowl, soup and salad is around the same price. Trust me, it’s worthed. But don’t surprise if you get in to seat table restaurants, especially when you have to take off your shoes (japanese style) then it will cost you more. Around 120,000 and up per portion. I tried the famous ramen and it cost me around 150,000 idr plus drink. Pretty the same, right? So, i’m not quite surprise with the food price. Besides, it’s food. You shouldn’t save on something you eat. (what a motto!)

To sum it all:

  • Hostel: 500,000idr/ night
  • Transport: 2000 yen/ day
  • Food, street food snacks: 10,000 yen/ day

Aside from that, don’t forget the additional budget for JR Pass, which you will need it to save time if you wish to travel to another city like Kyoto, Osaka, even Sapporo etc.

Speaking of JR Pass, you can buy only to certain place you go. Hokuriku Arch Pass for example, covers common three cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. The price is slightly cheaper, not bad for couple bowls of hot ramen.

Well, I guess that’s the basic price you need to know. Don’t stuck in the pricey word about Japan. You can always find the cheaper alternatives. So, save your money, spend wisely and travel freely. See you in Tokyo!